American Legion Post 52





·         Every member is responsible for membership.  Every member knows a veteran who is not a member of the American Legion they can invite to join the Legion.  You should ask this person at least 7 times.  Membership means continued benefits for veterans and more support for American Youth programs. 

·         When someone ask you WIFM (what’s in for me), the answer is we are veterans helping veterans and teaching our young people about America and how to continue support for America.  Our organization is about helping others.

·         Post 52 is a place where you visit with fellow veterans every month.  We are also active in the community and support American Legion Baseball, Palmetto Boys and Girls State, assist fellow veterans who may need transportation to the doctor, local VA facilities, visit primary schools to share our stories with the children, visit nursing homes, place flags on veteran graves Memorial Day and Veterans Day, place Wreaths on veterans graves every year, support the Easley High JROTC, participate in Easley’s Chamber of Commerce grand openings, support local charities and many more activities.  The best part is, you choose how active you want to be.  

·         The American Legion was formed just after WWI to give aid to returning veterans who needed special attention.  100 years later we are still helping veterans who need special attention and still teaching our youth about America.

·         The Four Pillars of the American Legion were established a couple of years after the Legion was formed in 1919.  The Four Pillars remain the same today as they were when established.  The four pillars are: (1) Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation, (2) National Security, (3) Americanism and (4) Children and Youth.  We are still helping veterans, we are still concerned with National Security, we have youth programs designed to promote America, and we care for the children and youth of active members and veterans. 

·         VERY IMPORTANT IS HOW YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS HELPING TODAY?  When the National Commander lobby’s Congress, he is lobbying for (1) to make it a criminal offense to destroy the American Flag, (2) add Cold War veterans benefits for the veteran who served but not during a recognized war time (3) to ensure Persian War Veterans are recognized for the many unseen troubles they have encountered while serving during Desert Storm, Afghanistan, or Iraq, (4) to recognize and support the special needs of our female veterans who make up more than 20% of the active military today, and (5) continue the benefits for veterans who are already receiving benefits. 

·         American Legion Post 52 members do all of the above for only a $50 per year membership fee.  How you choose to participate is your choice but please remember your membership is at work always helping veterans and American youth.  As a member you can take pride in being a legionnaire.

·         Membership is the only way these needs can be met.  When you ask a friend to join be prepared to tell him or her why they should belong. When you ask your friend the veteran to join be sure you have a copy of “Why You Should Belong” with you.  The brochure tells about the four pillars and has an application on the inside back page to sign them up.

·         In short, as a legionnaire you are helping veterans and American Youth.




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